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Friday, November 10, 2017

Lakhs of workers storm Delhi

The thousands of workers who stormed the national capital and assembled at Parliament Street in the national capital Delhi, to participate in the first day of the three days ‘mahapadav’ on 9th November 2017 enthusiastically endorsed the call of the speakers to intensify the struggle against the anti worker, anti people and anti national policies of the BJP led government and prepare for a countrywide indefinite general strike if the government fails to concede their demands.

            Workers from all over the country representing many sector - public and private, permanent employees and contract, casual workers, state and central government employees, banks, insurance, telecom, railways, defence, and the various schemes of the government of India participated in the ‘mahapadav’ on the first day.

            Ashok Singh (INTUC), Gurudas Dasgupta (AITUC), HS Sidhu (HMS), Tapan Sen (CITU), Satyawan (AIUTUC), G Devarajan (TUCC), Manali (SEWA), Rajiv Dimri (AICCTU), M Shanmugam (LPF) and Ashok Ghosh (UTUC) addressed the gathering in the first session presided over by Sanjay Singh (INTUC), Ramendra Kumar (AITUC), Raja Sridhar (HMS), Hemalata (CITU), RK Sharma (AIUTUC), Naren Chatterjee (TUCC), Sonia (SEWA), Santosh Rai (AICCTU), Subbaraman (LPF) and Shatrujit Singh (UTUC).

            Leaders of the federations spoke in the second part of the first session. It was most significant that the leaders of the two major national federations of the railway employees - Shiv Gopal Mishra, general secretary of All India Railwaysmen’s Federation and Raghavaiagh, general secretary of National Federation of Indian Railwaymen - have announced that they would join the indefinite strike whenever the joint trade union platform gave the call. Leaders of several other all Industrial federations including Venkatachalam, general secretary of All India Bank Employees’ Association, Subhash Lamba, additional general secretary of All India State Government Employees’ Association and secretary of Electricity Employees’ Federation of India, KK Divakaran, general secretary of All India Road Transport Workers’ Federation, C Sreekumar, general secretary of All India Defence Employees’ Federation, Jagdeesh Sreemali, VS Dahiya, GR Shiv Shankar, Ravi Sen, Peelimuthu, Kalyan Sengupta, also joined them in endorsing the call addressed the huge gathering and announced they would join the indefinite country wide general strike whenever the joint trade union platform took the decision. Thampan Thomas (HMS), Vijay Pal Singh (AIUTUC), Anil Sharma (TUCC), Sonia (SEWA), Mahendra Parida (AICCTU), Natarajan (LPF) and Thomas Joseph (UTUC) also addressed

            H Mahadevan (AITUC), Raghunath Singh (CITU) Shyamlal (AICCTU), Bashir Abud (LPF) replaced their colleagues in the presidium in the second part of the first session. The second session was presided over by Gurnam Singh (INTUC), C Singh (AITUC), SN Pathak (HMS), Anadi Sahu (CITU), Shiv Shankar (UTUC), Lataben (SEWA), Shyamal Prasad (AICCTU), Basheer Ahmed (LPF) and PG Prasanna Kumar (UTUC)


  1. S.S. Mahendra, BengaluruNovember 13, 2017 at 3:39 AM

    Good Evening Sir. I am seeing this blog from the beginning for getting the information on LDC, UDC case and also on MACP case. Sri. Pillai Ji is a chairman on MACP co ordination committee. But after he retire from service you have taken the charge on this blog. But the viewers are not getting the any information on the above stated. Kindly publish the present status on the above information of the above. There is a news that the Govt. is going to increase the minimum basic of CG employees. Is it true or false.
    Once again, I request you to kindly look into the matter as early as possible and publish the information on the same.

    I am also requesting to Sri. Pillai Ji, I think you will also observing the comments on this blog because this is your baby. Do not make this baby to cry. Please you are the person well known on these issue. Kindly look into the matter personally and do some thing better on the above matters.

  2. पिछले पांच छह वर्षों देख रहा हूं कि समय बदल गया है सरकारें बदल गई है और बहुत से परिवर्तन आ गए हैं लेकिन क्लर्क की स्तिथि आज भी वही है । क्लर्क के साथ केवल और केवल एक जरूर बदला है वो है कार्यभार। ये दिन दूगनी रात चौगुनी के हिसाब से बढ़ा है । भविष्य में इसके अलावा और कुछ बदलने के आसार भी नजर नहीं आ ते है। ये सब क्यों होता है क्यों कि हम कमजोर है और कमजोर कभी इतिहास नहीं बनाते है अतः जो चल रहा है उसे नियति मानकर अपना काम करते रहें

  3. आदरणीय पिल्लई सा.सर MACP में Promotion hirechi केस का सुप्रीम कोर्ट में क्या हुआ?? 22सितम्बर की जो Dateलगी थी उसमे क्या हुआ?? यदि अब आगे की Date लगी है तो कब है कृपया स्पष्ट करने का कष्ट करें