07/11/SH NEWS

Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 19/07/2018. The date of next hearing on the SLP filed against MACP on promotional hierarchy in Supreme Court is 30/07/2018

Flash message

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Meeting of Group of Senior Officers to discuss the grievances arising out of recommendations related to 7th Central Pay Commission - reg.


  1. Dear Pillai Ji, on behalf of all LDCs of subordinate offices of Central Govt., I am requesting you to raise the issue of up gradation of LDCs to UDC as has done for CSCS Cadre.

  2. Dear Friends,

    This is very important issue and should be considered now. LDC / UDC of subordinate offices should also be considered for change of nomenclature and grade pay accordingly. As the LDC / UDC of subordinate offices are more responsible then the CSCS / CSSS as they hdndling the huge work in their department.

    All are requested to kindly look into the matter I think we should meet Mr. Jitender singh, PMO Office to raise our voice.

    Pillai sir kindly intimate us what was the agenda of the meeting held on 30th August 2016 with Mr. Gopal Mishra and others.

    G.D. S.

  3. What happened friends nobody is responding. I think we should wakeup for our fights otherwise we will be below class-IV employees as done by the pay commission earlier and present pay commission most effected part is LDC / UDC of subordinate offices. Pillai Sir at least reply to your supporters who has full faith on you. You are the only person who is defending poor LDC / UDC.


  4. Andhe ke hath me rebri apno apno ko de (Netao ka salari more than two lacs.