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Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 19/07/2018. The date of next hearing on the SLP filed against MACP on promotional hierarchy in Supreme Court is 02/05/2018

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Saturday, July 9, 2016


QUERY --- Just like the issues of Salary hike, Fitment formula or parity of Pension, the issue of NPS is common to all Central Govt. Departments. In spite of that, this issue appears to be less highlighted. I represent a unit where 80% of the employees belong to NPS and all of us are aware of the pros & cons of the scheme and we are really concerned about our future
Com. S. Das, Circle Secretary, AIPAEA (NFPE), Postal Accounts, Assam Circle, Guwahati.

REPLY ----- Thanks for your concern. The problem of NPS employees are well taken care of by the NJCA.  Please see the Press Statement issued by NJCA on 6th July 2016 after taking the decision to defer the strike which is published in confederation website. The last paragraph reads as follows------- "The NJCA particularly notes that the Govt. has set up a separate committee for reviewing the New Pension Scheme, which has been a matter of concern to all employees and workers who are recruited to Govt. services after 01.01.2004." Please also see the para -12 of the Press Communique issued by the Govt. through Press Information Bureau immediately after the Cabinet decision on 29th June 2016 which reads as --------- "Para-12--- The Cabinet also decided to constitute a separate committee to suggest measures for streamlining the implementation of New Pension System (NPS)". Cabinet decision is taken as it is one of the important demand of the Charter of demands of NJCA submitted to Govt. NJCA shall take follow up action on this particular demand as all of us are very much concerned about this important demand. This demand is directly linked to the policy of the NDA Govt. as all of you are aware that it is the previous NDA Govt. which took a Cabinet decision in 2003 to implement New Contributory Pension Scheme to Central Govt. Employees from 01.01.2004.

M. Krishnan 
Secretary General


  1. In para 12 of the Cabinet note, the words used are "National Pension System" and not "New Pension System". This may please be taken care of.

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  3. I would like to draw the attention of our Leaders to the fact that the 7th Pay Commission was cheating all the Central Government employees, especially the Group C employees, which consists of 85% of the total strength of the Central Government employees. The 7 CPC was befooling the Unions & Association by trying to travel throughout the Country to invite & hear the Grievances of the Unions/Associations regarding the 7 CPC recommendations to the Govt. The whole team of 7 CPC was travelling in almost all parts of India and enjoyed a lot, but when it came to submit their recommendations to the Govt., they have neglected all the Grievances and submitted the recommendations to their own whims & fancies. The Govt. also befooled the poor Group C employees by appointing a 7 CPC implementation committee and neglected the recommendations of the Implementation Committee and Accepted what the 7th CPC recommended. They are again going to befool us by constituting a Committee to study Minimum Wages, Fitment Formula & revision of Allowances. The Leaders of all Unions & Associations are still believing that they will get a better Salary and withdrawn the Indefinite Strike w.e.f. 11th July. IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA.

  4. In pondicherry education qualification for UDC is Any Degree and the grade pay is 2400.. education qualification for pharmacist is Diploma and grade pay is 4200 .. INCRIDIBLE INDIA... BJP JAI HO

  5. I do not understand as to why the fitment formula is in ascending order from lower to higher pay. This means those who are getting more, will continue to get more. It indicates, while deciding the factor, "FUNDAMENTAL RULES" with regard to "Right to equality" is not taken into consideration and thereby, not given respect to the Constitution of India. I am ashamed of being a unit of this system.

  6. Nowadays, breaking the so called Fundamental Rules & Rights is the Fashion. Nobody cares the Constitutional Rights and Right of Equality. We, only the poor Group C employees are only following the Central Govt. Rules and the Senior Officials of the Govt. are breaking almost all Rules and does not care the Constitution of India. The Govt. is kicking the Group C employees like a Football and enjoying it. Otherwise they would have straightaway given the maximum benefits of the 7th Pay Commission and would not appoint so many Committees.

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  8. In Jharkhand, JSSC has advertised/published the notification for the post of LDC under the grade pay of Rs.2000/-
    this is for the information for further action.

  9. Pillai Sir please speak about LDCs. Your words every now and then gives us hope.

  10. Sir what are your actions plans for upgradation of grade pay of LDCs and UDCs. Have you raised the point before JCM after the same was denied by pay commission. What are the thoughts of national council JCM on this issue. Are we only dependent on the court case which gets postponed every now and then. The LDCs and UDCs of not only your department but also of other departments are relying on you. Since you blogs has created a wave. YOU MUST BE CLEAR WITH YOUR THOUGHTS AND SPEAK AND POST ABOUT THIS ISSUE. This I say with utmost respect,humility and hope. Hope you understand our situation. Thank you.