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Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 19/07/2018. The date of next hearing on the SLP filed against MACP on promotional hierarchy in Supreme Court is 30/07/2018

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Monday, July 25, 2016



  1. CPC's never ending motive of bargaining with the pay of LDCs & UDCs is sadly ridiculous. Their pay structure was/is always used as an instrument to appease the lower ranks tactically. In 6cpc, when all group D were merged and placed with GP 1800 (Rs. 100 less than the GP of LDC), the GoI and CPC were successful in hallucinating the erstwhile Group D categories. The pay of LDC is always pledge as a stabiliser while constituting a financial decision. Why???
    Ironically, the most important tasks of every pay commission is to conclude the pay of lower ranks on comparison made with the pay of LDCs. This simply shows how justice is interpreted in our INCREDIBLE India. Can't the CPCs present other suitable excuses to appease other
    The LDCs and UDCs need appropriate pay too. It is not understood on what basis our pay is actually fixed so far. (*Works/Jobs: We work heavier than DEOs, no doubt. *Responsibilities: All offices' responsibilities shouldered without hesitation.) In fact, it is not due to India's uncontrolled extreme unemployment, but to the humble hope we cherished for a positive move from the CPC or GoI, silence are kept till date. We believed that our plight and grievances will be considered by OUR government. After all, whose government are they??

    The GoI and CPCs need to retrospect our hardships and responsibilities. We need our pay to be fixed according to our tasks. Obviously, inspite of all such negligences and step-motherly treatment, we hold fast to our allegiance and are still ready to handle every complicated issues or jobs. Offices must move on, of course! The sacrificial acceptance to any extra works for the sake of smooth-functioning of offices is our sincere obligations.

    Technically, we could not spare our time to leave our duties/responsibilities and chant slogans on the road. That's our weakness. And here it is vehemently misinterpreted and our genuine issues are diverted. We are paid to survive only. We need to live too. We kept on tolerating the widely differences between works and pay. Now, positive response from the concern authority for our humble efforts is pertinent and undeniable. When we are available for duty 24/7, we need our status/dignity be maintained proportionately with our AVAILABILITY. We badly need a motivation! God help!

  2. Notification is out. It is silent about pay parity, MACP on promotional hierarchy etc. Useless 7th PC.

  3. a asst.store keeper in indian bureau of mines has been given gp from 1900 to 2400 gp and also a gardner overseer, is given gp 2400 to 2800 in nct of delhi , all recommended by 7th cpc, why govt 7 7th cpc is not considering the ldc/udc? pl. associations help us. take any action.god help us