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Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 19/07/2018. The date of next hearing on the SLP filed against MACP on promotional hierarchy in Supreme Court is 30/07/2018

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Monday, May 30, 2016



  1. what about LDC and UDC issue

  2. No one is worried about the problem of LDCs. It is the most genuine anomaly caused by the last pay commission yet no one is bothered to bring it out. Neither any of the associations nor the JCM wants to help poor LDCs. I visit this blog in hope of justice for LDCs.

  3. For the last 03 years"bluffing" "falsehood" are going on in this website in the name of LDC-UDC Grade Pay Upgradation. Hundreds thousands of ACM, BCM, CCM, DCM, JCM meetings are held throughout the country, number of Agitations, Plenums, Mass Dharna, so many "clownish" gatherings were organised by the Unions. And we know these gatherings mean nothing but eating, drinking, dinning, sight seeing loosening the pockets of the poor union members who are not the leaders.Subscriptions are collected in cash regularly from these poor, just seeking, tensed members. "we pay and they drink". We shouldn't forget this important aspect that this very Bloated site "AIAMSHQ" has gained popularity only by the issue of LDC-UDC Pay Upgradation, no one was concerning about this unknown website before LDC-UDC GRADE PAY ISSUE. But as the govt has done nothing (as expected) to these cadres, this website has smothered the issue. Now the Report on 7th CPC is going to be submitted by the Govt appointed Empowered Committee in any week of June 2016. But nothing has been done for the LDC-UDC cadres. And astonishingly, no Union has specific information about the Pay Upgradation of these cadres. So friends !! leave hope, noting to be done and nothing can be done by these "clownish unions"

  4. Hey bro.. Whoever you are.. I just respect you for you have brought out the exact summary of this whole LDC UDC issue. This is what the fate of LDCs is. Now finally the AIAMSHQ and other associations and the JCM should openly say that they do not have any plans for LDCs. The JCM can only work for the upliftment of trade unions.

  5. It is sad that no one cares for LDCs

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  7. Lo ab astrologers ka hi sahara h :-)

  8. No updates regarding the position of anomaly of LDCs from neither the JCM nor you Mr Pillai ji. What is the government planning to do with the LDCs grade pay issue, please elaborate. I'm not speaking about the court case which you qoute again and again either to give hope or probably for gaining popularity for the blog. I'm asking about the status of the anomaly in the government. Thank you.

  9. Wait upto 11 June, you will come to know the fate of LDCs/MACP on Promo hierarchy.

    1. I dont think there is a connection with the meeting of Empowered Committee with Union/Association and LDC/MACP issues. Its all about 7th CPC. Please clarify how you are telling to wait upto 11th. Is there anything else.

  10. If one our struck the railway tracks then govt given all demands postiively, if the NCJCM try to strike honestly. they are saying something doing something