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Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 01/04/2020.

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Monday, December 30, 2013



This Association has been receiving opinion from LDC & UDCs of various Ministries of GOI in respect of upgradation of grade pay viz. (1) taking up of the LDC & UDC issue through political leaders including Sonia Gandhi (2) Challenge the present pay structure of LDC & UDC in the Principle bench of CAT. (3) Conducting pen-down strike to achieve the demand; and now we have a 4th option i.e. getting the grade pay of LDC & UDC upgraded through restructuring.

As regards the option (1) above, several of the experienced persons have advised me the way is not workable because no political leader/Multi-cadre Associations would support a particular cadre without considering the after effect of the pay structure of other cadres. Even the railway unions have not demanding upgradation of grade pay of the lakhs of junior clerks working in the railways.

        Through option (2), we can put up the actual work load of LDC & UDC in subordinate offices; the decision of the pay Commission increasing the educational & technical qualification of LDC without an equal increase in the pay structure; subsequent increase of Grade pay by several state Governments who have implemented the 6th CPC in their state and other related issues before the court through a very good advocate.  It is worth to mention here that Confederation also has advised us to file a case in the principle CAT on the issue. 

The 3rd opinion as received i.e. conducting of pen down strike by the LDC & UDCs is not practical because these LDC/UDC are spread over various ministries of GOI and lack of a common Association/Federation representing all these LDC & UDC. Moreover, we have the experience that major Federations, in which LDC & UDC of the respective Departments also members are not taking any active initiation to resolve the LDC/UDC issue.

As regards the 4th point, the instructions of Ministry of Finance to the FA, DoP&T is not complete. Restructuring of LDC & UDCs by each ministry according to merits of the representation made by the Associations is not practical. DoPT has to issue detailed instruction regarding the nomenclature of the posts, time frame for its implementation etc.

        Thus in order to take a decision/forming a steering committee for further action a meeting of the representative/ Associations is organized on 9th January 2014 at New Delhi. The venue will be JANTHAR-MANTHAR i.e. the venue of Dharna of Confederation. The top leaders of Confederation will be available in the venue to take advice on the issue. We appeal all our friends, who gave me much energy to fight the case so far, to please attend the meeting.

        All friends who attend the meeting may please co-operate by making their own arrangements for stay at Delhi.

With regards
Yours sincerely

(TKR Pillai)
General Secretary
Mob: 09425372172


  1. Thank you very much sir, please do action at the earliest to CAT please. We all are ready to contribution.

  2. on behalf of Sri. TKR Pillai Sir, I am herewith kindly requesting all the unions, Confederation leaders, secretaries off ministerial staff unions, technical staff unions of all Department, even railways, defence Etc., to participate in this function for deciding to next step because we the LDC/UDC's are maintain of your personnel files, Service registers, making of all your personnel matters in service registers, pay bills, TA, LTC bills including your fixation of pay and guidance to higher officer those who are coming on direct recruitment etc.,

  3. what you have told above is correct, even you not informed that we are also making their arrears bills which pertains to the technical employees who pay and Gr. Pay was increased after getting the orders from DOPT or Min. of Finance etc., If the employees what above requested are not supported this. I am also requesting all the LDC/UDC's of our nation not do any of the work of technical staff of concerned department. Then they realise that work of LDC/UDC's in central Govt. Employees. All the employees except LDC/UDC are having different type of allowances like Pt. Care Allowance, Nursing Allowances, Uniform allowances, production target allowances Etc., Hence, I am also requesting of all Union leaders, you may also participate in this and help the LDC/UDC's for better and speedy consideration of your above mentioned works.

  4. This is the time and place, go ahead.

  5. Respected Sir
    For information /circulation amoung all LDC/UDC about this programme of 9th Jan. I think better circulation will be made through media. If possible please do something to wide circulation

  6. Thank you very much pillai sir. when the decision making authorities, (may be political or administrative) becomes deaf & dumb and neglects principles of natural justice; then such actions very much needed in a democratic set-up like ours. please go ahead. we are with you.

  7. Sir,
    I have read all the 4 points. All the points are not effective in achieving our goal. Filing case in CAT and thereafter in High Court will take too much time for getting orders. Actually the first suggestion was mine. The older file is at present with Administration. So a high level influence may be helpful , because of the coming Election in 2014. Any way it is the right of the LDC and UDC to get grade pay of Rs.2400-/ and Rs.4200/- respectively. At any cost we have to achieve our goal. Actually, the Supreme Court order is valid as the GOI failed to file it in the stipulated time. Let the Order may be shown to a good advocate and get advise from him whether that order is helpful or not. The high court passed the judgment for giving grade pay of Rs. 2400/- and Rs.4200/- Any way the meeting to be conducted on 9th January shall take appropriate solution for achieving our goal. --- A Central govt. servant from Ernakulam in Kerala

  8. Sir,
    I think JANTHAR-MANTHAR is a nice place so that we can get the media attention to high light the issue to top political level.

  9. Due to the shortage of time all the LDC/UDC's are not able to attend this programme who are working in our nation. Hence, I am requesting you to sir kindly give publicity through the Media and leading news papers on this issue. I also request all the LDC/UDC's who are working in and around the New Delhi and nearest states to attend this programme and express your views. If the strength is very less, the Govt/DOPT/MOF etc., will not take care on this issue and again we are able to achieve our goal.

  10. This is genuine issue compared to the work load of LDC,UDC and their Grade Pay is injustice(Rs. 1900/- & 2400/-). This should be upgraded to 2800/- or next level 4200/-.
    This issue should be discussed and to sort out a possible solution
    Warm Regards
    Devan, SOI

  11. Respect Sir,
    Being a LDC in Bangalore, it is very difficult for me attend the Mass Dharna in Jantar Mantar. For that I am extremely sorry. It would have been a better thing if we all could literally join with you and make your voice louder. So, I am requesting as a common LDC to all the others who reside in or around Delhi to kindly participate in this Dharna on 9th January. It'll give more strength to our organizations.
    And also I do agree to the above posts that our fight against this injustice must get a nation-wide publicity. Please Sir, do this arrangement through national media to rise the uproar through out the whole nation.
    Thanking you.

  12. Sir,

    i do agree with the above blogger and also requesting to publish it in mass media because many of ldc and udc is not aware of aiamshq website however your dharna circular is posted on 90 paisa blogspot.com and karnmk.blogspot.com but you are once requested to publish this in nation wide through news channel. We are already informing our collegues and other departments ldc and udc to join the dharna.

    Let us hope that this step of Respected Shri T. R. K. Pillai on behalf of all central govt. ldc and udc will be victorious. one more thing i want to add that when all the ldc and udc of central govt. meet together at jantar mantar magic will happen automatically. In my service first time i will be able to see all the ldc and udc together.



  13. I appreciate efforts made by Shri. TKR Pillai, General Secretary and all Clerical Cadres of nation shall be grateful to him. Best wishes for grand success of meeting on 09 January 2014.

  14. It is our long legitimate pending demand so that everyone should gather at Jantar Mantar in large scale to bring it to the notice to the authorities from 1900 to 2400 and 2400 to 2800 considering our assigned duties and responsibilities.

  15. Government should consider only two matter 1. ldc 2400 & udc 2800 2. merger of da than all the problem of macp also solved

  16. oru vizhyatha kuda oru LDC,UDC,ku vanki kuduka theriyala enna assosition enna panringa....i need my rights as a LDC ,
    peru venuma ungaluku LDC romba peru irukanga poitu government kita ,mass kaat varanuma
    , ninga atha thana virumburinga pillai sir

  17. ennoda individual karuthu....tamil theircha theirnchukunga sir...unmaya solla pona india,avla irukrura LDC, UDC ematha paduranga sir..., i respect u PILLAI SIR, but .......