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Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 01/04/2020.

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Friday, January 31, 2014


DA as on Jan 2014 is 100%.

According to a press release issued by the Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour & Employment the All-India CPI-IW for December, 2013 declined by 4 points and pegged at  239 (two hundred and thirty nine).

The DA as on 1/1/2014 is 100% 

Thursday, January 30, 2014



All the three Defense Federations will go on Indefinite Strike from 17-2-2014

In a meeting held on 28-1-2014, all the three recognised Defence federations AIDEF, INDWF and BPMS have decided to go on Indefinite strike from 17-2-2014. INDWF informed in its blog about the decision   taken by three federations on indefinite Strike on  Charter of Demands to be settled.

Dt. 28.01.2014
All Affiliated Unions of INDWF
Office Bearers & Working Committee Meeting of INDWF
Sub. : Indefinite Strike
Dear Colleagues,
Three Recognised Defence Federations (INDWF, AIDEF & BPMS) have jointly decided and issued a Joint Declaration on 19.09.2013 to call for a Joint Agitation by the Defence Civilian Employees including of a indefinite strike. Notice of the Joint Declaration was sent to Defence Secretary Dt. 19.09.2013 alongwith the charter demands. The Joint Declaration and the programme of action together with the charter of demands was sent to all our affiliated unions for conducting Strike Ballot. Accordingly strike ballot was conducted by our affiliated unions as per our programme on 19.12.2013 and reports were sent to the Federation HQrs. It has been observed as per reports that more than 98% of the Defence Civilian Employees all over the country have voted in favour of the indefinite strike as the demands are very much genuine and long pending.
After receiving the reports of the strike ballot, we have sent further intimation to the secretary, Ministry of Defence that the majority employees have supported the strike and the Ministry of Defence should settle the problems forth with failing which, the Defence Civilian Employees will go on indefinite strike and the date for strike will be intimated.
Three recognized Federation have met at New Delhi on 27.01.2014 and noted with serious concern that even after more than 4 month after forwarding the Joint Declaration alongwith charter of demands, there is no progress in settlement of the issues pertaining to Defence Civilian Employees and the Govt. has not taken any step forward for a negotiated settlement/Agreement on the charter of demands.
Considering the negative attitude of the Government and Ministry of Defence towards the demands of the Defence Civilian Employees and its negligence, three Federations have decided in the meeting held on 27.01.2014 at New Delhi to organize Defence Civilian Employees for an indefinite strike starting from 17.02.2014 from 0600 AM in support of the following charter of demands. The meeting also calls upon the affiliated unions of the three Federations to jointly mobilize the Defence Workers by various agitational programmes during the period of serving strike notice on 03.07.2014 and make the strike a grand success.
The meeting also appeals to the CDRA, its affiliates and all other trade unions and associations functioning in the Defence Establishments to join the indefinite strike in the interest of unity of the Defence Employees and also realize the out standing demands of the Defence Civilian Employees.
Serving Strike Notice by Individual Affiliated Unions on 03.02.2014
Indefinite Strike Commencing from 17.02.2014. 6.00 A.M.

Demands on Service Matters :-

1) Grant of 2nd / 3rd MACP in Grade Pay Rs. 4600/- to the Artisan Staff of Defence Establishments who were granted 2nd ACP in the Chargeman Pay Scale of Rs. 5000-8000 upto 31.12.2005 (inspite of MoD’s recommendation matter is pending with Defence Finance)
2) Correlation of the hourly rate of Industrial Workers deployed on Piece Work system in Ordnance Factories in 6th CPC Pay Scale w.e.f. 01.01.2006 (inspite of MoD’s recommendation matter is pending with Defence Finance)
3) Grant of Departmental Overtime Wages to the Industrial Workers deployed on Piece Work system in the Ordnance Factories (inspite of MoD’s recommendation matter is pending with Defence Finance)
4) Grant of hourly rate to the Piece Workers of Ordnance Factories who were given MACP benefits, (inspite of MoD’s recommendation matter is pending with Defence Finance)
5) Grant of revised ACP benefits to the labourers who have completed 30 years of service by granting an one time exemption of Trade Test. (MoD’s recommendation in the matter is pending with DOP&T)
6) Grant of revised ACP benefits to the erstwhile Group “D” NIEs (MoD’s recommendation in the matter is pending with DOP&T)
7) Revision of Night Duty Allowance w.e.f. 01.01.1996 and from 01.01.2006 in the 5th and 6th CPC rates respectively by implementing the Court Judgments on the subject.
8) Doubling of the Risk Allowance for Defence Civilian Employees w.e.f, 01.09.2008 has agreed in the National Anomaly Committee Meeting.
9) Implementation of the following judgment to the similarly placed employees. As per the provisions of DOP&T OM No. A11019/2/98-AT dated 03rd September, 1998
i) Grant of MACP in promotional hierarchy (Government’s SLP dismissed in the case of CAT Chandigarh Bench Judgment on OA No. 1038/CH of 2010)-
ii) Placement from HS Grade to HS Grade-I should be ignored for . granting MACP (Judgment of CAT Principal Bench New Delhi in the case of Employees of 505 ABW, New Delhi referring various Supreme Court Judgments)
iii) Restoration of the opportunity of Chowkidars and Safaiwalas of MES for redesignation as Mate (SS) (Judgment of the Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam Bench in OA No.109/2012 dated 12.12.2012)
iv) Removal of discrimination and grant of skilled pay scale of Rs. 260-4000/950-1500 to non-petitioner Valvemen of MES (Judgment of Hon’ble CAT Jodhpur Bench in OA No. 51/2002 dated 21st July, 2003)
v) Inclusion of HRA and Transport Allowance etc. for computation of OT Wages under Factories Act 1948 based on the judgment of Madras High Court, vi) Implementation of higher Pay Scale and grade structure for the similarly placed Cooks of all Defence Establishments as granted to the Cooks of Air Force vide MoD Letter No. Air HQ./23064/Cooks/PC-4/444-CC/D (Air-!II) dated 12th November, 2013 based on the judgment of Hon’ble Principal Bench CAT, New Delhi.
10) Approval of all cadre review proposals of MTS, Durwan, Fireman, Drivers, Storekeeping Staff, Industrial Canteen Staff, Para Medical Staff, Stenographers, DEO, JJWM and Clerical Staff of OFB, DRDO, DGQA, Navy, EME, AOC, Air Force and other Directorates pending at different level.
11) Grant of PRIS to the DRDO Employees at par with Department of Atomic Energy and ISRO.
12) Revision of Fixed Medical Allowance to the Defence Employees posted at hard stations / isolated places and also grant of medical reimbursement for inpatient treatment for such employees by implementing the judgment of Punjab and Haryana High Court.
13) Grant of Four Grade Structure to the Ammunition Mechanic of NAD under Navy.
14) Grant of Four Grade Structure to the Meter Reader of MES at par with
the Artisan Staff,
15) Extension of CSD Canteen facilities for retired defence civilian employees at par with Ex-Serviceman.
16) Revision of Bonus Payment ceiling and Gratuity Ceiling limit.
17) Opening of CGHS Dispensaries in all major cities and recognition of Hospitals under CGHS in Hill Stations.


1) Withdraw DPP-2013 which is against the interest of DRDO and Ordnance Factories.
2) No FDI in Defence Sector.
3) No disturbance in the functioning of DRDO by implementing Professor Rama Rao Committee recommendations.
4) No arbitrary reduction of manpower in the various Army Units in the name of ASEC Report in violation of the Cabinet Secretary’s directions.
5) No closure of any Defence Units including Military Farms,
6) Stop all types of outsourcing / contract and regularize all the existing contract/casual workers.
7) Fillup all the posts lying vacant in all the Defence Establishments.
8) Withdraw the New Pension Scheme.”
9) Grant of Compassionate Appointment 100% as being granted by the Railway Ministry.
10) No reduction of sanctioned strength of the Ordnance Factories based on Sourab Kumar Committee Report.


1) Regular meeting with the recognized Federations by the MoD and other Directorates should be ensured.
2) Three meetings of the Departmental Council (JCM) and four meeting of the JCM-III Level Council as per the constitution of the JCM Scheme should be ensured.
3) Grant of Trade Unions rights to all the non gazetted employees working. in the Defence Establishments as being given in the case of Railway.
4) Grant of Trade Unions rights to the Employees of Hospitals and Training Establishments under MoD since these Establishments are already recognized as Industry by the Labour Ministry.
5. Grant of Trade Unions rights to the Defence Civilian Employees postedat area declared under SRO-17E.


1) Settle all the 6th CPC Anomalies and all Cadre review proposals before 7th CPC starts functioning.
2) Accept all the terms of reference of 7th CPC submitted by the staff side of National Council (JCM) to the DOP&T.
3) Implement the revised comprehensive pay packet for the Central Government Employees as on 01.01.2014.
4) To Consider the demand of merger of Dearness Allowance/Dearness Relief with Basic Pay and Basic Pension and also grant of interim relief.

The 4 lakhs Defence Civilian Employees who are the fourth force of the Defence of our country are committed and dedicated workforce and they work side by side with the uniformed personnel for the security of our great natioi. Their contribution to the Defence preparedness cannot be underestimated. Any disturbance in the industrial relations in the Defence Estatlishments will hamper the Defence preparedness. The Defence Civilian Employees and their Trade Unions with this responsibility in mind were patiently waiting for settlement of their demands. However, since there is no positive outcome inspite of our best efforts, the Defence Civilian Employees are forced to proceed with an indefinite Strike from 17.02.2014

Yours sincerely,
Source : Indwf.blogspot.in

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Extension of CGHS facility to State Govt Employees..?

While answering to a question in Parliament, Minister Shri.Ghulam Nabi Azad said that the Central Government Health Scheme is primarily meant for the Central Government employees and pensioners receiving salary / pension from Central Civil Estimates of Government of India. 

The State Government employees and other members of public are not eligible to join CGHS. However, no requests from State Governments including Kerala have been received for improvement in CGHS. 

CGHS is basically providing the dispensary services through its Wellness Centres manned by the General Duty Medical Officers. However, CGHS also provides the services of medical specialists through the Polyclinics and Central Government hospitals. In addition, the CGHS medical specialists also visit designated dispensaries on stipulated days in each week to provide medical consultation to the beneficiaries. Due to shortage of specialists in CGHS it is practically not feasible and financially viable to provide Specialist facilities in each CGHS Wellness Centre. Moreover, CGHS is also engaging contractual specialists against the vacant posts of specialists to provide the medical consultation services to its beneficiaries. 

CGHS has a dedicated wing of specialists at the Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi for its beneficiaries. The CGHS beneficiaries are also allowed to consult specialists at Dr. RML Hospital and other Government hospitals in NCR in respective specialties. In addition, CGHS has empanelled a large number of private hospitals to provide inpatient medical care to its beneficiaries on the advice of Government specialists. 

As per the Terms & Conditions for empanelment under CGHS, all empanelled private hospitals are required to provide credit facilities to the CGHS beneficiaries in case of emergency. Pensioners and other specified category of beneficiaries are entitled for credit facilities under normal circumstances also. Non-compliance of the said provision attracts penalty as per the Memorandum of Agreement signed by them. 

Source: http://90paisa.blogspot.in/

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Holding of meeting of the Standing Committee of National Council (JCM) for finalization of Terms of Reference of 7th CPC

All India Railwaymen’s Federation

No.AIRF/405( VII CPC)                                                    Dated: January 23, 2014

The Director (JCA) & Member Secretary,
National Council (JCM),
Government of India,
Department of Personnel & Training,
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions,
North Block,
New Delhi-110001

Dear Sir,

Sub: Holding of meeting of the Standing Committee of National Council (JCM) for finalization of Terms of Reference of 7th CPC.
In the meeting held on 24.10.2013, under the chairmanship of Secretary, DOP&T, to discuss the Terms of Reference for VII CPC, Secretary, National Council (JCM) (Staff Side), Shri Umraomal Purohit had demanded a meeting with the Secretary(EXP.) and DoP&T before finalization of Terms of Reference of VII CPC.

Despite elapsing a period of around three months, nothing has been heard in this regard.

We, therefore, request that an urgent meeting should be held with the Secretary (ExP.) and DoP&T for finalization of Terms of Reference of VII CPC.

Yours faithfully, 
(Shiva Gopal Mishra) 

General Secretary


Monday, January 27, 2014



                   Battle lines for a showdown of the Central Govt. Employees are drawn.  Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers and National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE) had served notice for 48 hours strike on 2014 February 12th & 13th, to Cabinet Secretary and Secretary, Department of Posts respectively on 21st January 2014 alongwith 15 point Charter of demands.
                   The demands raised by the entire Central Govt. employees includes DA merger, Interim relief, Grant of civil servant status and inclusion of GDS in 7th CPC, Regularisation and revision of wages of casual labourers, Rescind PFRDA Act and scrap new Pension Scheme, Date of effect of 7th CPC 01-01-2014 & Five year wage revision in future, Fixation of minimum pay based on Need-based minimum wage formula worked out by 15th ILC and modified by Supreme Court later, settlement of anomalies, Implementation of Arbitration awards, five promotions, cashless hassle free medical facilities, Removal of restrictions on compassionate appointments, removal of bonus ceiling, stop downsizing, outsourcing, contractorisation, casualisation and privatisation, Filling up of vacant posts. Stop price rise and strengthen public distribution system.  Right to strike, vacate victimisations and revive JCM forums are also included in the charter.
                   The neo-liberal economic policies pursued by the Central Govt. from 1991 onwards is threatening the very existence of Central Govt. departments.  Many Govt. functions are already outsourced and some departments are at the verge of closure.  Eventhough Govt. proclaim that there is no ban, six lakhs of vacant posts remain unfilled, out of which three lakhs are in Railways.  Downsizing, contractorisation and privatisation has become the order of the day.  Exploitation of  three lakhs Gramin Dak Sevaks of the Postal department and casual labourers is still continuing.  Hard-earned statutory Pension of the Govt. employees has been snatched away and  share market oriented New Pension Scheme is introduced. Both the congress-led UPA Govt. and BJP led Opposition NDA had joined together in the Parliament to pass the PFRDA Bill.  Prices of all essential commodities has shooted up and grant of permission by the Govt. to  oil companies to raise the prices of Petroleum products including Gas has further aggravated the situation.  Life of the workers and common people has become miserable.  To compensate the price rise and to prevent further erosion in the real wages.  Govt. is not ready to grant DA merger or interim relief.  Entire negotiating forums called JCM has become totally ineffective and defunct due to the negative attitude of the Government. 
                   General Election to Parliament is going to be declared shortly.  Parliament is in session upto the second or third week of February 2014 only.  Once election is declared, we cannot expect any positive action from the Government till the end of 2014.  Confederation has framed the charter of demands in its National Council held at Mumbai in 2010 December 1st & 2nd and submitted to Government in 2011.  Series of Nationwide campaign and agitational programmes has been organised and a massive rally of about 20000 Central Govt. employees was conducted in front of Parliament on 26th July 2012.  As the Government remained indifferent one day’s nation-wide strike was conducted on 12th December 2012 followed by two days strike on February, 20, 21 along with the Central Trade Unions.  Strike ballot for indefinite strike was also declared in the month of August, 2013.  Due to the agitations conducted by  Confederation, Government was compelled to announce 7th Pay Commission in September, 2013, of course, with an eye on the votes of the Central Government Employees and Pensioners in the by-election to four states including Delhi.
                   Now four months are over since the announcement of the Prime Minister assuring constitution of Seventh CPC.  Till this day the notification constituting the 7th CPC is not issued by the Government and the Chairman and other committee members are also not appointed.  DA merger, Interim Relief and terms of reference are also pending.  In fact, Government has fooled about 50 lakhs Central Government employees including defence personnel and 40 lakhs Central Government Pensioners.  Nobody can tolerate this type of humiliation.
            We cannot expect any positive action from the Government, unless and untill we organise ourselves in a decisive manner and go for a strike action.  Central Government Employees have the potential to get their due rights from an unwilling Government.  For that there is no short-cut.  Unity and struggle is the only way.  2014 February 12th & 13th 48 hour strike will be an outburst of resentment and anger of the entire Central Government employees.  Let us unite together and make the 48 hours strike a show of our uncompromising determination, courage and unity.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Comprehensive review of instructions pertaining to vigilance clearance for promotion - clarifications - regarding

Group-wise estimated number of regular Central Government Civilian Employees in Central Government...

Whether the number of Grade III and IV posts is declining whereas the number of Grade A and B posts is increasing due to which disposal of work in the Government offices has slowed down - queried in Lok Sabha:-



ANSWERED ON 18.12.2013
2127 . Dr. SANJAY SINH

Will the Minister of PERSONNEL,PUBLIC GRIEVANCES AND PENSIONS be pleased to state:-

(a) whether the number of Grade III and IV posts is declining whereas the number of Grade A and B posts is increasing due to which disposal of work in the Government offices has slowed down;
(b) if so, the reaction of the Government in this regard;
(c) the category-wise comparative number of Central Government employees in the year 2001 and as on date;
(d) whether the Grade A and B officers are not putting in enough work to justify their salaries and if so, the reasons therefor;
(e) whether the Government proposes to conduct a review on the functioning of the said officers; and
(f) if not, the reasons therefor?



(a) to (c): Group-wise estimated number of regular Central Government Civilian Employees in Central Government & Union Territory Administrations as on 01.03.2001 and as on 01.03.2012 is as follows:-

As on 1.3.2001
As on 1.3.2012
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D

#Erstwhile Group D posts have been categorized as Group C after implementation of 6th CPC.

Figures in parenthesis indicate percentage to the total.

It will be seen that the number of Group C and erstwhile Group D employees has marginally gone down in percentage terms. Posts are created as per functional requirements and requirement of posts is assessed periodically by cadre reviews and work measurement studies.

(d) & (e): As per Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964, no Government servant shall in his official dealings adopt dilatory tactics or willfully delay in disposal of the work assigned to him and that a Government servant who habitually fails to perform the task assigned to him within the time set for the purpose and with the quality of performance expected of him shall be deemed to be lacking in devotion to duty and liable to disciplinary action as per rules.

Banknotes issued prior to 2005 to be withdrawn: RBI Advisory

The Reserve Bank of India has today advised that after March 31, 2014, it will completely withdraw from circulation all banknotes issued prior to 2005. From April 1, 2014, the public will be required to approach banks for exchanging these notes. Banks will provide exchange facility for these notes until further communication. The Reserve Bank further stated that public can easily identify the notes to be withdrawn as the notes issued before 2005 do not have on them the year of printing on the reverse side. (Please see illustration below)

The Reserve Bank has also clarified that the notes issued before 2005 will continue to be legal tender. This would mean that banks are required to exchange the notes for their customers as well as for non-customers. From July 01, 2014, however,  to exchange more than 10 pieces of `500 and `1000 notes, non-customers will have to furnish proof of identity and residence to the bank branch in which she/he wants to exchange the notes.

The Reserve Bank has appealed to the public not to panic. They are requested to actively co-operate in the withdrawal process.

Ajit Prasad
Assistant General Manager

Press Release : 2013-2014/1472

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Web site: aiamshq.blogspot.in

Hall No. 201 & 205, Vijay Stumbh,
Zone I, Maharana Pratap Nagar,
Bhopal, Dated 11/01/2013
Circular 1/2014

Dear friends,
Wish you all a very happy new year 2014
         This letter is being written to inform you the latest position of the activity and also to seek your active support in some important issues which the Association intends to take up, in the interest of the employees.

1.    Restructuring of Administrative Staff in NSSO Offices/filling up of the post of Assistant and Administrative Officers in FOD.

        As has already been informed that the Association is in constant touch with concerned authorities in the case of restructuring of Administrative Staff of NSSO Offices and it has informed that at present the case is under consideration of Ministry of Finance/Department of Expenditure.  As regards the promotion of UDC to Assistant in FOD Offices, it was informed, the case will only be taken up for consideration after merger of the posts of Assistant/Office Superintendent which is under consideration of MoS&PI.  On the other hand in order to fill the vacant posts of AO, finalization of recruitment rule for the post is needed which is under consideration of DoPT.

The Association has been pursuing the matter quite a long time but no result is visibly seen and as such the GS has met the Director General, NSSO at Sardar Patel Bhawan on 08/01/14 and handed over a letter requesting his personal intervention on these issues. (copy enclosed). The DG has assured me of taking his efforts for the early settlement of these cases.

2.     LDC & UDC issue:

            In this respect please see the letter dated 11/01/2014 posted in our web site. On the issue, Shri M Krishnan, Secretary General Confederation has advised me to prepare seriously for filing a case in the Principle CAT immediately.  He further said that the Confederation knows the genuineness of the demand, but we have to convince the importance of the issue to the Government. Simply adding this item in the Confederation Charter will not work at this later stage (at the stage of the constitution of 7th CPC). Thus, in order to convey the seriousness of the issue to the 7th CPC also, filing a case in the Court is essential as the CPC monitor all pending court cases of grievances in its own importance which ultimately would pave way for a better pay scale for the LDC & UDCs in the 7th CPC.

        In view of the above this Association is intending to file a case in the Principle CAT Delhi and two Kolkata based Associations are also interested to join us.  In this connection necessary documents are being collected so that the case may be filed by March 2014.

3.     Issues of MTS.

        Promotion of educationally qualified MTS to LDC as a onetime measure, which was put up by our Association is still under consideration of the FOD/Department.  The basic issues faced by MTS in the Government of India Offices in general     are being presented for discussion in the Confederation meeting before the finalization of the Memorandum for 7th CPC so that they may get a respectable minimum pay and channel for promotion.
4.     Two days strike of Confederation on 12 & 13 February 2014.

        All of us are aware that the pressure mounted by the Confederation through 26th July 2012 massive Parliament March and thereafter the 12/12/12 nationwide strike in which around 10 lakhs central Government employees participated, became a reason for announcement of the 7th Pay Commission by the Government. The Government has not got the expected support from the employees in the recently conducted Delhi election. Whatever may be the reason the constitution of 7th CPC is still kept pending. Meanwhile Confederation leaders approached the Department of Expenditure to ascertain the reason for the delay but no satisfactory reply has been received. The Central Executive Committee and Extended National Executive Committee meeting of the Confederation held on 9 & 10/1/14 discussed the position in detail and found that after the Parliament session- scheduled to be conducted in the First-Second week of February- the code of conduct for the next General Election will come into force. Thus, if the announcement of Constitution of 7th CPC, 50% merger, interim relief etc before the ending of the parliament session  not taken place; we have to wait at least 7-8 months for such an announcement. Thus the extended National Executive meeting of the Confederation has unanimously decided to organize a 48 hour strike on 12 & 13 February so that the seriousness of the matter may be conveyed to the Government before the commencement of the parliament session.

            Being an affiliate of the Confederation and also in accordance with the decision taken in the General Body Meeting of the Association to organize all the programmes called by the Confederation, we would like to serve strike notice on 21st January in support of the aforesaid strike. However, a final decision will be taken after consulting the members of Central Executive Committee of the Association.

5.     Recognition of the Association:

        The Ministry has informally asked us to put up the case for fresh recognition. In this respect we have already requested the Ministry to recognize  the present Association. An assurance for not nominating any Group B member for JCM/OCM had also been given. Thus the case for recognition is being sent again for consideration.

6.     Financial Position:

            Contribution of the members has not been deducting from the Pay roll for the last 3 years on the argument that the Association is not recognized. Several Associations without proper recognition are functioning in various offices of Government of India where units collect funds from the members and send to the Association to meet the day to day expenses, till the recognition of the Association.

        Since the issues taken up by us are in its final stage and every break in the activity at this stage will affect detrimentally as regards the finalization/implementation of such issues are concerned.  And as such I am continuously spending money from my own pocket for the smooth running of the activity and you have been informed the fact through our previous circulars and was requested all of you to collect funds at unit level to meet the immediate expenses of the Association. But nobody has taken it in its own seriousness and no funds have been received so far. As a result the outflow for the purpose of Association from my pocket swelled to around Rs. 50000/. 

        It is once again requested to please send collection to the Association to meet the immediate expenses.

With warm regards
Yours Sincerely

(TKR Pillai)
General Secretary

Copy of the letter submitted to the DG, NSSO


Web site: aiamshq.blogspot.in

Hall No. 201 & 205, Vijay Stumbh,
Zone I, Maharana Pratap Nagar,
Bhopal, Dated 08/01/2013
            The Director General,
            Sardar Patel Bhawan,
            New Delhi

Sub:    (1) Implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Administrative Staff in NSSO Offices.
            (2)  Merger of the posts of Office Superintendent and Assistant in FOD Offices.
            (3)  Promotion of Assistant and Administrative Officers in FOD Offices.


            It is submitted that the Cadre restructuring of the Administrative Staff in NSSO Offices have been initiated by the Ministry in the year 2010 but implementation of the same has not been done as yet. As a result the duties of Administrative Officer with independent charges in various FOD Offices have been allocated to Assistant with 4200 Grade Pay and UDC with Rs. 2400 Grade Pay. And Assistant & UDC by even after discharging higher responsibility retires on the post itself.

2.         More than 60 posts of Assistants are lying vacant to various FOD Offices simply due to the reason that the merger of OS and Assistant has not been taken place. The implementation of Sixth Pay Commission has taken place in the year 2008 but the defect arisen in the implementation of Grade pay to Office Superintendent and Assistant is still persists. Merger of these posts has not been taken place till date and as a result the UDCs are retiring on the post without getting promotion to the post of Assistant.

3.         More than 10 posts of Administrative Officers are lying vacant in FOD Offices due to the simple reason that the recruitment rule for the post is not finalized.

            FOD has informed that all these cases have already been sent to the Ministry of Statistics.

            On the above matters, we request your kind personal intervention for an early settlement/implementation.          

Yours faithfully

(TKR Pillai)
General Secretary