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Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 01/04/2020.

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Monday, July 3, 2017


  1. Achievement of association/union
    1. Failed to up-grade the grade pay of UDC & LDC
    2. Failed to grant MACP on promotional hierarchy.
    3. Failed to grand the arrear of allowance
    4. Failed to increase in the minimum salary and fitment formula
    5. Failed to settle the issue of HRA and many more

    1. Still Shiv Kumar Mishra praises. Wah Ji Wah

    2. Absolutely correct definitely giving very big Award to union office bearers to cheating employees. In future even strikes no benefit and bjp govt not giving single rupee hike

    3. What a praise worthy conclusion is on the activities of association! Absolutely correct. It laid a hoax.

  2. Are Central Govt Staff including Indian Railways will go on strike on 11 July 2017?

  3. No pay hike in future today speak Arun jaitly

  4. fail to implimation of 7th pay commission of autonomous bodies and pensioners. when the government remark for 30% self finance. some body know that the education department is not any earning so what the education department impliment the 7th pay commission without 30

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  6. I will not give my vote to BJP government in 2019 election. Cheater and hopeless

  7. Transportation Allowance

    7th CPC Transport Allowance gives lower amount of Money than Sixth CPC – Shocking Fact
    As Media publicized, the Revised Allowances will not make Central Govt Employees happy and its not a Bonanza too. Most of the Allowances , especially the fully DA indexed Allowances are not given any hike. The Govt servants will be getting more or less same amount from this Fully DA indexed Allowances after the revision in Seventh CPC.
    Transport Allowance will be lower in 7th CPC
    The Transport Allowance, one of such Allowance of fully DA indexed, is giving a shock to All Employees those who are entitled to get this Allowance. Surprisingly, there is a marginal decrease in the amount of TA to be paid in 7th CPC after the Revision. But, Shockingly, the Govt Servants in Level 1 and 2 category are losing considerable amount after the revision of Transport Allowance in 7th CPC
    If you calculate your 7th CPC Transport Allowance, you can able to know the difference between the amount of Transport Allowance paid in 6th CPC and to be paid in 7th CPC
    There were Five Grade pay Levels in PB-I ie Rs.1800, Rs.1900, Rs.2000 and Rs.2400 and Rs.2800 All these GPs were brought under one Group for Transport Allowance at Lower rate, subject to not exceeding Rs.7440 Pay in the Pay band
    In Sixth CPC those who were in the category of GP below 4200 and Pay band below 7440 were entitled for TA only at the Rate of Rs.600+DA for A1/A cities and Rs.300+DA for other cities. But The sixth CPC had relaxed the condition for this Group to get Transport Allowance at the next higher rate of Rs.1600 for A1/A cities and Rs.800 for other cities. Those who Reached the Rs.7440 PB level and above were entitled for the above-mentioned rates.
    he Employees those who were in 1800 GP and 1900 GP and pay in the pay band equivalent to Rs.7440 and above will be losing considerable amount on switching over to 7th CPC.
    It is surely not a bonanza for govt servants those who fall under the Category of GP 1800 and GP 1900 with pay in the pay band equivalent to Rs.7440 and above. They will be losing Rs.2250 plus in 7th CPC because of this Pay Revision.
    It is quite unreasonable. The very purpose of the Pay Revision is to give Hike not reduction. The Federation/unions need to take this issue up to the appropriate Level to settle this favorably.

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