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Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 01/04/2020.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

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ON 22nd JUNE 2017



·         High Level Committee, assured by the Group of Minsters, not yet constituted. First anniversary of the Hon’ble Cabinet Minister’s assurance will be on 30.06.2017. No increase in Minimum Pay and fitment formula.
·         7th CPC took 18 + 2 months only for submitting report after examining the entire service conditions, pay scales, allowances, Pensionary benefits of about one crore Employees and Pensioners including military personnel. Allowance Committee took almost 12 months for examining only 52 allowances!! BJP Government is deliberately delaying the revised allowances to deny arrears.
·         Option-I parity for pensioners recommended by 7th CPC and accepted (??) by cabinet, mercilessly rejected by appointing a feasibility Committee.
·         NPS Committee is for further strengthening NPS and not for withdrawal of NPS or for guaranteeing minimum pension as 50% of last pay drawn.
·         MACP promotion denied to thousand of employees by imposing stringent conditions on bench mark.
·         Gramin Dak Sevak Committee Report submitted to Government on 24.11.2016 (Seven months over) still under process.
·         Exploitation of casual and contract workers continues. Equal pay for equal work denid.
·         Autonomous body employees and pensioners cheated by Government by denying their legitimate wage revision and pension revision.
·         No negotiated settlement on the charter of demands submitted to Government by JCM (staff side) and Confederation.


M. Krishnan
Secretary General



  1. Why don't you ever talk about the LDC UDC case? Jiske waje se popularity gain ki usiko bhool gaye kya?

  2. what about fitment formula

  3. Jabalpur case ka kya hua

  4. Replies
    1. LDC UDC ka ab kuch nahi hoga so relax all the UDC and LDC cadre in various govt. department.

  5. LDC and UDC are being used for bad politics, so they are not going to be upgraded. Don'd rely on them they are also using us for their fame.

  6. The BJP Govt's have entirely against the employees, Atal govt has introduce the NPS, that is the big step against the employees Wed 2014. Now this govt is give 7th pay commission to employees like a bheekh i.e the lowest increase in the 70 years of history of our country.The MPs of this govt have receive 15000/- pm only for telephone bills, but all companies have give unlimited call packages only for 300 to 700 pm. They receive lacs rupees for other allowances from govt and this is the biggest scam by all MP's. If this govt is claim as honest govt pl stop this loot of country by the MP's.

  7. Make Sri.Arun jetly the President.The working class, employees,Farmers and the poor
    can keep their hopes alive in the NAMO Govt.

  8. Make Sri. Arun Jetly The next President of India. The employees, the working class, farmers and the poor can keep their lost hopes bright in the NAMO govt.

  9. Make Sri. Arun Jetly The next President of India. The employees, the working class, farmers and the poor can keep their lost hopes bright in the NAMO govt.

  10. Sir, What is the present position of the LDC UDC grade pay upgradation case

  11. Mr. Krishnan sir. requestful message to you. Web controller please forward him. Please tell us the position of LDC issue on this website. Case of Jabalpur CAT and other related court cases status. Dear sir, entire lower cadre unorganized admin staffs are disappointed and burning in anger. May be it is adversely affecting the performance on governance negetively. This is regarded as genuine issue. But till last one year, no news on this, no one telling about the counter affidavit of DOPT. Judiciary mocking with us. Supreme Court judges making bunter and fan with entire classes, showing leniency over just one final judgement of MACP issue. On the othersie, Mr. Law Ministry of GOI requesting all to reduce the scope of court cases in Govt Departments. How this is possible where Admin or Personnel Ministry behaving step motherly to just one very important bankbone cadre of administration. All justifications, representations they are rejecting with arogance. Mr. Shiv Gopal Mishra ji doing nothing. What about his deferred strike? Or he has taken lumpsum under pocket exgratia from Modi party? he is selected or elected as union leader? We should know his credibility first whether he is selected and given back door appointment on apex union post for shameful negotiation or he is elected by hardworker? He is criminal minded person. His crime is that he willfully misleaded the spirit of honest public servants. yes, 100% it is a crime. Whatever going on this episode of negotiation or anomaly committee meeting, just wordless to explain. During the changes of operational procedure of administration since last 15 years, entire LDC and UDC cadre lost its identity and its functions merged with other higher cadres. Even Departments are bleeding lot to make a simple survery allaying in fears of any true outcome what is being claimed. Lot of offices have only one LDC staff in admin. Even MTS staffs are very honest to take higher responsibility today. They are having great potentials but know they also have no future. Entire Central Secretariat staffs getting major wage parts and time to time promotions irrespective of their performance review. Subordinate offices are bleeding hugely for want of timely approvals from Departments. Alas! We will not die if we have potential to search out our basis necessities from our nature. But what civilized persons like Shiv Gopal Mishra is curse to our present society. His mislead will not stop us from telling the truth. If he has the courage, he should make white statement about genuine issues what he got informed from meeting with government, on this online media or other popular employee forum. Has he courage? Lier.

  12. Anomaly committee not taking the issue of admin cadres like LDC UDC issue because they believe that LDCs are getting more than enough in exchange of their volume of service what they are allocated. 7th CPC made wrong assessment mostly over those admin staffs and made report that Government has stopped recruitment of LDCs. But till date all recruitment is going on full process in SSC offices. Whom we can believe, can anyone tell me?

  13. Pl update LDC UDC case