07/11/SH NEWS

Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 19/07/2018. The date of next hearing on the SLP filed against MACP on promotional hierarchy in Supreme Court is 30/07/2018

Flash message

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

C/o All India CPWD Engineers Association,
Room No. B-003, Indra Prasta Bhawan,
ITO, New Delhi, dated 07/12/2016

It is hereby notify that the next meeting of the steering committee, MACP on promotional hierarchy, to discuss the legal aspect on defending the SLP filed in the Supreme Court will be held on 15th December 2016 at Union Office, All India CPWD Engineers Association, Room No. B-003, Indra Prasta Bhawan, ITO, New Delhi at 5.30 PM. 
All members of the Steering Committee are requested to attend the meeting in time.

(TKR Pillai)
The Joint Convener/Members,
Steering Committee, MACP on Promotional hierarchy.


  1. Sheer waste of time - no body from amongst the CJAC Members are interested to pursue rigorously about the LDC/UDC matter. The date of judgement / hearing in Supreme Court will go on..... for a minimum of 2-3 more years.

  2. MACP on promotional hierarchy should be defended and supported at any cost. If required funds can be raised from members,affected persons, employees of subordinate offices, ministries and attach offices.All the Central Government employees federation unions will join hands to raise the funds.Kindly fight the case, engage good and efficient lawyers we will surely win.It is an humble request not to give up the case.

  3. MACP on promotional hierarchy case must be treat as a serious issue and accordingly it is to be handled with efficient legal force.

  4. Please inform the next date of hearing at Jabalpur CAT. Why Pleaders of Govt. side delaying so much for submission of documents sought by Cat Jabalpur.

  5. Macp should be promotional hierchy.govt should consider this case.Also multiple factor not yet solved by govt

  6. MACP should be on promotional hierarchy.The Apex Court judgement is there.Your federation is raising the matter with the finance Ministry that similar cases should be dealt in same manner.It is your federation that is demanding that unnecessary litigation should be not only curtailed but also avoided. Then at any cost the case of MACP should be defended.If there is fund shortage we all aggrieved are ready to contribute. kindly let us know.

  7. The Association is requested to fight the matter and defend the case of MACP on promotional hierarchy in befitting manner.Nothing is impossible to achieve.One should not give it in mid way when positive outcome is there.

  8. Yes it was heartening to know that strike by the aggrieved central govt. employees was so successful.Now with all our sincere efforts defend the case of MACP.The outcome will be positive.