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Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 01/04/2020.

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Friday, June 23, 2017



  1. Namaskar Saab, Krupaya LDC UDC grade pay ke case ke bare me humein upade kijiye..

  2. Govt. Allowance hi nahi de rahi hai. To fitment formula kay change karegi. Officers ka to fitment formula change ho gaya hai

  3. Jitna union ka leader hai sob chor hai.

    1. Narendra Modi Government is cheating the Central Government Employees. He is not bothered to hear the leaders as well. Every person who supports Modi Government in his anti employee’s activities terms honest leaders as Chor. When you are not Chor you should come forward to take over the leadership.

  4. Dear sir, obviously you are right from your angle. But what is the justification when leader are not putting LDC case as agenda to the National Anomaly Committee? Is there any problem from official side for only LDC issue? or official side pressing hard not to put LDC issue as agenda to Anomaly Committee. When someone is responsible for running this blog, then he/she should clearly publish the status of LDC case of Jabalpur CAT and status of affidavit submission by the Government. Lot of urges are coming what we are observing. But you are not putting that while paper on board of this blog. What is evident from this event? Clearly someone is misleading us. Hai na? Every thing like pension case, other cases are being put on agenda list except LDC issue. Even when DOPT is communicating that all anomaly cases of 6th cpc list wise resolved, why should staff leader not challenging that for want of LDC case to be settled? Dear sir, you as person tell me, am I wrong on my opinion?

  5. if I am not wrong on my guess, may be LDC case is very difficult to resolve because other agenda items are having selective impacts but LDC case is having cascade impact. Hai na sir? Lot of anomaly items have be resolved. This case is very old. All LDCs are suffering for want to restructuring since 3 decades, at least after 6th CPC when wage difference made too sharp between Assistants and LDC UDCs rather than increasing responsibility on those beneficial cadres. In this point of view, admin staffs of subordinate offices are pro fusing bleeding for want of justice in respect of humble wages. You blamed Narendra Modi, but it is not correct. We all clearly observing lack of efforts from staff side of JCM to take LDC agenda seriously. If staff leader are honest, then please submit LDC case as agenda item to the DOPT's anomaly list now (last date was 15.5.17, may be extended because of allowance committee outcome). Also publish that on confederation blog that staff side submitted LDC case as anomaly item. Thanks