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Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 19/07/2018. The date of next hearing on the SLP filed against MACP on promotional hierarchy in Supreme Court is 30/07/2018

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Thursday, November 3, 2016


Please see the letter from the National Anomaly Committee addressed to Secretary, JCM (NC) Staff Side published in the Confederation Website. All affiliated organisations and C-O-Cs are requested to forward the Anomaly items with explanatory note to be Confederation CHQ. E-mail: confederationhq@gmail.com ORmkrishnan6854@gmail.com. Only General anomalies (not departmental specific anomalies) should be sent. Items should be received at Confederation CHQ on or before 10th November 2016.

M. Krishnan
Secretary General
Mob: 09447068125
E-mail: mkrishnan6854@gmail.com


  1. include definitely the MACP Anomaly in your items of agenda.As you are aware that only lower rung cadre are the main sufferers because in higher scales they are getting the benefit of MACP in promotional hierarchy.

  2. anomaly should also be sort out in this meeting. Some person in GP 2800/- more basic more responsibility more senior than GP 2400 but drawing less pay than GP 2800. In GP 2800/ basic pay 14330/- higher post, higher responsibility and higher in GP pay fixed 37000/-on 1.1.16 and person drawing 2400/- basic pay 14220/- pay fixed 37500/- on 1.1.16. This is the clear anomaly disturbed vertical and horizontal relativity. Pl. put this matter before next meeting.

  3. Sir, the burning issue of LDC/UDC must be taken on priority basis as this problems is a legacy of the Previous Anomaly Committee : PRASANNA PHOOKAN, LDC