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Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 19/07/2018. The date of next hearing on the SLP filed against MACP on promotional hierarchy in Supreme Court is 30/07/2018

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dear friends,

I am retiring from Government service on 31/10/2016 after about 34 years of service, but I am not retiring from the Central Government Employees Movement. Since I have been elected as National Organising Secretary in the recently conducted National Conference of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers, my responsibility towards central Government employees’ movement especially to the genuine issues of Administrative Staff of subordinate offices is increased.

During my 33 years 9 months service period I tried to be an ideal Government servant. I feel an ideal Government servant is one who has the inclination in doing his duties and taking up responsibilities without fear or favour and is an ardent fighter for getting genuine demands of his fellow workers settled.

I have been the General Secretary of the Association of Administrative Staff of Ministry of Statistics & Progamme implementation for more than 23 years.  During this period several of the genuine issues of Administrative Staff of the Ministry got settled with the support of the Administration and as a result the state of Administrative staff here has improved considerably.  And yet some important issues that we continuously pursued could not be settled during my tenure, however, I will be in the forefront in getting these issues settled for which I will give all support to the newly elected General Secretary of the Association.

The most important issues that our Association has taken up are the issues of LDC/UDC & MACP on promotional hierarchy which is a common demand of the entirety of the administrative staff of subordinate offices of Government of India. Our Association has strived hard in bringing these issues to the forefront and effectively put up these to the 7th pay commission, even though, it failed to give a recommendation to our satisfaction.  However, as per the positive comments of the commission on the issue, Confederation has taken up these demands in its charter of demands and the National JCM made it an agenda for the next meeting. These developments give us hope that these issues will be addressed in its own importance in the coming days. Moreover, a case for upgradation of grade pay of LDC from 01.01.2006, filed by this Association in the Jabalpur CAT is progressing. CAT Jabalpur recently directed the Government to submit the progress/outcome of the anomaly case of LDC in reply to the counter reply filed by the government on the matter. Similarly, the case of MACP on promotional hierarchy is going on in the apex court and in order to finance the respondent, a steering committee comprising more than 40 Associations was formed which is working satisfactorily. In addition, we had raised the issue of parity of pay to the Assistants/stenographers of subordinate offices with central secretariat cadres and the same is included in the charter of demands by the confederation.

We are aware that the administrative staff of subordinate offices faces difficulties due to lakh of uniformity in promotional prospectus. UDCs of Central Secretariat who completed 5 years regular service on the post has been provided Rs. 4200/ during 6th CPC and the provision was not extended to the UDCs in subordinate offices. The grade pay of the Assistant in Central Secretariat and Subordinate Office has not been equalized even after the recommendation of the 6th& 7th Pay Commissions. And now in order to save the Administrative Staff of Central Secretariat from the recommendations of the pay commission, the nomenclatures of the posts have been changed. It again proves the unequal treatment of Government towards the  administrative staff of subordinate offices. 

In subordinate offices, the promotion posts and its pay scale of Administrative Staff vary from Department to Department, even though all of them are initially appointed through common examination conducted by the SSC. As a result, while several of them reach more than the level of under Secretary, LDCs appointed from the same rank list in majority of the offices retires as LDC or UDC itself. This should be stopped. The main hurdle to raise the issue effectively is lack of a common platform for the Administrative Staff of subordinate offices, I think. Thus I appeal various independent administrative Associations should come forward for formation of a common platform for the Administrative Staff.

Friends, we have learnt many things in our life for which we got opportunities.  There are lakhs of people who have been denied these opportunities.  I, therefore, take this opportunity to   exhort all of you to spare a little time to think about the life of these hapless people and do something for them, other wise the purpose of your life will left unfinished.

With warm greetings
Yours Sincerely

TKR Pillai
Ex General Secretary
Mob No. 9425372172


  1. Thousands Salutes to you on occasion of your superannuation.

  2. Salute to you, Sir, on the occasion of superannuation.

  3. May god give you long life and energy to support this poor cadre. Many many thanks and wish you a very happy retired life. Thanks, RK DASH, UDC, INS CHILKA, ODISHA

  4. May god give you long life

  5. Thanks u sir for what u had done. We r expecting ur valuable support in future also. God bless u and ur family

  6. Pillai Sir I pray the Almighty to give long, happy and healthy retired life.

  7. Thank you, Mr. Pillai. May God bless you with good health and peaceful next phase of life.
    All the best,

  8. My good wishes on your superannuation. You did splendid work untiringly. Though you have retired but we hope to receive your continued patronage by re-tiring yourself.

  9. Sir, we the all administrative staff members from various Departments/Ministries are very greatfull to you as you have raised the most common issues related to administrative staff. Hope that these issues will be resolved in coming time. May god give you a long and healthy life. Really admin. staff members from all Central Govt. Offices will remember you as a active leader of employees. Thank you Sir! -

  10. Thanks for your valuable struggle for staff and I hope you are help the staff after your retirement, because good soldiers never retired from their field.

  11. Thanks for your valuable struggle for staff and I hope you are help the staff after your retirement, because good soldiers never retired from their field.

  12. May god give you long life and energy to support . Many many thanks and wish you a very happy retired life.

  13. Salute to you sir for your interest and efforts in the LDC/UDC matter. I wish you good health and great success in your new endeavor of retired life.

  14. Pillai Sir, I don't know what is there in our fate, I have been a consistent follower of yours blogs since your had taken up the issue of LDC, Sir, already passed 16 years has passed as LDC after entering in Govt. Job clearing SSC but the hopes shattered before the unilateral behaviour of the Govt. only meant for CSCS cadre. We have been treated and still being treated as step child. At least you have tried your best to give recognition to our problems, from my side you have done your job. I wish you healthy & prosperous life after retirement. Hope your blessings will always remain with us.

    Thank you Sir

  15. great job sir.....u r the true fighter....
    u keep flag of our hopes high....
    No doubt u will fight till the victory....
    we all are with u...

  16. May god give u a healthy & happy long life.

  17. May God give you all strength and power to continue your service towards the downtrodden category of government employees like LDC/UDC for their betterment and justification of their miseries. Salute you to Pillai Sir - PRASANNA PHOOKAN, LDC, 9612677438