07/11/SH NEWS

Upgradation of Grade Pay of LDC/UDC: Date of next hearing is 01/04/2020.

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Revision of flat rates of licence fee for General Pool Residential Accommodation throughout the country


  1. Every matter is reviewing, considering and perusing but the upgrading of LDC is not hearing,reviewing,considering or perusing. Hence, the anger is accumulating within and it is sure that in near future it will brust. Hence, an appeal to all concerned that please look in to the case of LDC as like other category of employees of the Government.

  2. Yes u r right. Ldc and udc were betrayed.

  3. All the LDCs should form a Common Platform and its the time for "Do or Die". Today a LDC is has no status, no dignity in work, no peace of mind, no decent family life, no rest at all. Hence, all should unite and must do a drastic decision.